For Awesome Con, Lindsay Smyers, left, is dressing as The Will, Amara Tiebout as The Stalk, both from the “Saga” comics. (Christina Cauterucci/For Express)

Amara Tiebout and Lindsay Smyers, both 24, share a house in Northeast, where their bookshelves sag with comic books and their walls are peppered with posters. For months, the two friends have been planning their Awesome Con cosplay (short for costume play), dressing up as The Will and The Stalk from the popular “Saga” comic. Bounty hunters (and former lovers) in a galaxy at war, the pair are secondary characters in “Saga,” so Smyers and Tiebout hope there won’t be legions of doppelgangers at the con.

— Both women normally wear glasses, unlike their characters, and neither has contact lenses. “We’ll just be a little fuzzy at the con,” Tiebout says.


— Body paint only comes in tiny tubes, and Tiebout needs to cover her whole torso in white to imitate The Stalk’s ghostly spider body. Her more affordable solution? Washable, nontoxic craft paint.

— To cut down on costs (the women spent less than $100 on both costumes), Smyers and Tiebout combed thrift stores and friends’ closets first. When they couldn’t find the perfect black skirt for Tiebout, they bought a few yards of taffeta and tulle from Jo-Ann Fabric. Smyers’ sewing machine couldn’t handle the thick fabric, so they sewed it by hand.

— One of the hardest parts of making a character costume, Smyers says, is finding the right colors. “These characters exist in a universe that has so many things we don’t have,” she says. The red of Smyers’ cape is an old bedsheet, and she glued gold piping to a pair of khakis with Mod Podge.