Yes, that’s *the* doge Kabosu on the car. (Phil Parsons Racing)

“So Much Much”

— Commenter redsnowfox at responds to seeing photos of the “Dogecar” that NASCAR driver Josh Wise will drive at the Talladega Superspeedway on May 4. Reddit supporters of the Shiba Inu-branded digital currency raised more than $50,000 to make the car a reality.


“Must. Resist. Urge. To Tell Readers. ‘Get On Your Feet’ and get tickets for this….”

— Rebecca Rose at tries to contain her excitement at New York Daily News’ report that a Gloria Estefan musical, called “On Your Feet,” is headed to Broadway next year. The production, which will tell the story of her rise to fame and recovery from breaking her back in 1990, will have an accompanying reality TV show based on the search to find three young women to play Estefan in her teens and 20s.


“If the iPad is a fad, it’s the greatest fad in the history of American business.”

— MG Siegler at thinks that references to having reached “peak iPad” only matter to Wall Street analysts. Apple reported last week that it sold 16 million tablets in the past quarter versus the 19 million it moved in the same period last year.


“I finished the deliciously salty, expertly engineered meal. My only complaint? The apples in the cobbler were mushy, but hey, they had been harvested almost two decades earlier.”

— Scott Desimon at recalls house-sitting for his boss back in the early ’90s and discovering — then consuming — a Swanson Salisbury steak dinner from 1976 that he found in her freezer.




“Apparently, the Maverick defense was just a bit more committed to moving forward, as it defeated the offense in the game, 38-33. Maybe next year the offense can make time for some pregame sword-swallowing.”

— Des Bieler at interprets the real impact of last week’s Minnesota State-Mankato football team-building exercise that went viral on Twitter. Members of the coaching staff, above, and the team participated in the exercise prior to the team’s spring game. “If they can eat fire, they can do anything!” a school official said in a statement to the Post.