Getting your bag inside one of these on a Frontier Airlines flight is gonna cost you. (Thinkstock)

“Soon, we’ll have to bring quarters with us to use the pay toilets.”

— Commenter Donald Tucker at ponders the airline fees of the future after Frontier Airlines announced Monday it would begin charging $25 for non-frequent flyers to stow luggage in overhead bins.



@neymarjr, the Instagram handle of soccer player Neymar, shown with his son, who rallied to support his Barcelona teammate and fellow Brazilian Dani Alves, who picked up and ate a banana that was thrown at him Sunday during a match against Villarreal. After Alves said he’s dealt with racist gestures like these since moving to Spain a decade ago, supporters worldwide began tweeting and posting photos on Instagram using the hashtag to raise awareness of the insults, which persist at sporting events.


“To judge by the conversations … the closing of Palena was harder on the patrons than it was on the person who founded the Cleveland Park restaurant and cafe. Customers and industry colleagues were almost gnashing their teeth over the shuttering, while chef Frank Ruta remained calm and poised, as always.”

— Tim Carman at reports from the scene of the final night of service Saturday at the D.C. dining mainstay. Ruta closed the restaurant after he was allegedly unable to reach a deal over back rent and unpaid bills with at least one other vendor.


“The subtle — or maybe not so subtle, considering how much this comes up in this industry — is that girls can like superheroes, but boys can be superheroes.”

— Chris Sims at points out a jarring contrast between boys’ and girls’ McDonald’s Happy Meal toy options for “The Amazing Spiderman 2.” Boys get cars, masks and action figures; girls get bracelets, purses and headbands.


“There’s every reason to believe Twitter owes TV networks the gratitude, not the other way around — how many times have you absentmindedly tweeted while staring at your big screen, as opposed to times you’ve found the nearest TV because of a tweet you read?”

— Sam Biddle at thinks it’s easy to think of Twitter and traditional TV networks as mutually beneficial, but reality is more aligned with an NBCUniversal executive’s recent comment that there’s been no proof that social media improves viewership.