From left, Domnhall Gleeson, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver are the new faces of "Star Wars." (Getty Images/Express Illustration) From left, Domnhall Gleeson, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver are the new faces of “Star Wars.” (Getty Images/Express Illustration)

The team behind J.J. Abrams’ forthcoming “Star Wars” sequel announced the film’s cast Tuesday, putting to rest months of rumors (Lupita Nyong’o! Todd from “Breaking Bad”!) about who would join the intergalactic franchise. Surprisingly, most of the original trilogy’s cast, including Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and the men beneath the costumes of C-3PO, R2-D2 and Chewbacca, will reprise their roles in the film. Ahead of its December 2015 release, get to know the film’s less familiar names.


Domnhall Gleeson (Getty Images) Domnhall Gleeson (Getty Images)

Domhnall Gleeson

Yes, he’s the son of actor Brendan Gleeson, but he’s also cementing himself as the go-to man for sensitive-guy roles. He starred in last year’s adorable time-travel rom-com “About Time” and 2012’s “Anna Karenina,” in which he played the Tolstoy adaptation’s most simultaneously boring and romantic character. He’s also no stranger to a big-budget film, having appeared as Bill Weasley in a little series called “Harry Potter.”



Oscar Isaac (Getty Images) Oscar Isaac (Getty Images)

Oscar Isaac

The Guatemalan-American actor has been around for years, but he’s best known for his Oscar-snubbed performance as the morose folk singer in “Inside Llewyn Davis.” Before he was a leading man, though, he played second fiddle in flashy movies like “Sucker Punch,” “Robin Hood” and “Body of Lies.” And who could forget his status as the second-most handsome actor in 2011’s “Drive,” with Ryan Gosling?


John Boyega (Getty Images) John Boyega (Getty Images)

John Boyega

He’s the only one with any outer-space experience, having played a teen defending his South London neighborhood from aliens in 2011’s “Attack the Block.” Other than that, he’s mostly kept a low profile, appearing in a few small-budget films and TV movies. But his “Star Wars” news is all the more reason to keep an eye out for “24: Live Another Day,” in which he’ll appear for a few episodes (the Fox show premieres Monday).


Adam Driver (Getty Images) Adam Driver (Getty Images)

Adam Driver

He’s the most well-known name on this list, thanks to his role as the brooding actor Adam on Lena Dunham’s “Girls.” Other than a brief appearance in “Lincoln,” he’s mostly stuck to smaller indie roles, supporting in last year’s “Frances Ha” and with his “Star Wars” co-star Oscar Isaac in “Inside Llewyn Davis.” The latter includes a scene in which he and Isaac sing “Please Mr. Kennedy,” a song about the space program. Foreshadowing!