WHO’S A NICE LITTLE KITTY? A Sri Lankan leopard snarls a terrifying snarl Tuesday from its caged confines at a zoo near Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Idiom Czar Racking Brain to Come Up With New Phrase   

Everything has been stolen — including the kitchen sink — from the kitchen of a model house in Kansas. Police say thieves stripped the kitchen of the Clayton Homes unit in Wichita, taking all the appliances, the wooden cabinets from the walls and yes, the sink. General manager Kevin McCracken says the theft occurred sometime Sunday night or Monday morning. (AP)


“If she maybe had given it a few hours, she probably could have met him at the front door.”

Heather Benjamin, a sheriff’s spokeswoman in Mesa County, Colo., telling the Daily Sentinel about a woman who broke into a jail to demand police arrest her and free her brother, who had been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs. The woman’s brother posted bond and left hours after the incident.


Miley Called as Expert Witness

Three women were arrested after twerking in the Beaverton, Ore., City Hall parking lot. Police say one woman went to court with two friends Monday to pay a fine. The show began as they headed to the parking lot. Police say they exposed themselves as one woman filmed the moves and that one urinated between two cars. (AP)


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