Right Proper Brewing Company’s Kodachrome Dream(ing) is a light and refreshing farmhouse radler. (Rudi Greenberg/Express)

For Right Proper’s new radler-inspired beer Kodachrome Dream(ing), head brewer Nathan Zeender wanted to capture the “saturated color and brightness you get from that old Kodachrome 64 film” in liquid form, he says. With the beer’s sparkling, mimosa-like hue and sweet, citrus-y aromatics, it’s easy to taste what Zeender and collaborator Michael Tonsmeire were shooting for.

Refreshing, light and juicy — courtesy of fruit-forward Galaxy and Citra hops and fresh zested grapefruit, lemon and lime — with a dry finish, the beer arrives less than a month after the Shaw brewpub started opening at 11:30 a.m. on weekends. Those flavors, coupled with a “modest alcohol content, could make it a good candidate for pre-noon drinking,” Zeender says. We get the picture.

Brew Notes

Style: Farmhouse radler

Alcohol by Volume: 4.5 %

Availability: 12-oz. draft for $6; 64-oz. growler fill for $16

Right Proper Brewing Company, 624 T St. NW; 202-607-2337. (Shaw-Howard U)