NASA asked the public to vote between three designs for the outer shell of its new spacesuits. (NASA)

“I just can’t get over the fact that it looks straight out of a 1930s sci-fi comic and doesn’t look ‘cool’ at all.”

— Commenter my career at isn’t impressed by the winner, dubbed “Technology,” of a public contest NASA held online to select from three options for the outer shell of its new Z-2 spacesuit. Check out the other two designs – one of which takes major cues from “Toy Story’s” Buzz Lightyear – at

“The episode looks weird as hell and very high-concept, dealing with multiple realities and the existential angst that comes with them. It also looks super cool.”

— Jesse David Fox at is both weirded out and excited by the trailer for Sunday’s “The Simpsons” LEGO episode. Fox posted the promo Thursday.


“Everything about their core business is predicated on creating cheap products with a limited lifespan. There just isn’t anything about that that is sustainable.”

— Commenter Ken Peters at is skeptical if any effort by Ikea – including developing vegetarian and chicken versions of its famous meatballs – can really make the Swedish megastore more eco-friendly with the huge volume crucial to its model.


“These days, over 90 percent of us carry mobile phones, but we travel in a world of hotels built before 1995 when mobile-phone saturation began.”

— Robert Klara at thinks it makes sense that when as it upgrades its hotels, Red Roof Inn is installing nightstands with four electrical outlets built right into the front at waist level.