EAT MY DUST, BIRDS: Hungarian pilot Zoltan Veres flies Thursday under the “Lanchid,” the oldest Hungarian bridge, during a Red Bull flying and car show around the Danube River in Budapest.


In Fairness to Him, He Would Have Missed Cinco de Mayo

Police say an inmate who served 272 days then escaped from a north Portland prison with less than a week to go until his release has been recaptured. Matthew Medlin, 30, was caught late Wednesday night at a Jack in the Box in north Portland. Medlin had served a sentence for a variety of crimes at the Columbia River Correctional Institute. His release date was to be Tuesday. (AP)


“You can’t ever stay silent. Everybody’s got to speak up, even if it’s about chickens.”

Janet Feldman, 57, who told the Tampa Bay Times that she has gotten hundreds of chickens free of charge from Publix grocery stores in Florida because they weighed less than their advertised size. Feldman says she decided to raise awareness of the underweight birds so other customers wouldn’t be ripped off.


This Will Be the New O.J. Trial

A Northern Ireland man charged with stealing a soft drink worth about $2.50 is demanding a jury trial, according to the Tyrone Times. The newspaper reported David Armstrong, 19, is accused of stealing the drink last year, and used his right to have a jury trial instead of having his case being heard by a magistrate. (EXPRESS)