Sweets for the Sophisticated
if cookie monster ever truly grew up, his drug of choice would likely be Lark Fine Foods’ new Polenta Pennies ($8.25, Dean & DeLuca, 3276 M St. NW; 202-342-2500). That’s because the bite-sized treats — flavored with corn mush, lemon and golden raisins — aren’t too sugary. Try them with a full-bodied white wine or some goat cheese, but maybe not Cookie’s quaff (a jumbo glass of milk).

An Age-Old Debate
In “X vs. Y: A Culture War, a Love Story,” sisters Eve and Lenora Epstein (who grew up 14 years apart) compare notes on the music, movies, fashion and technology from their youth ($19, Abrams Image). Though there’s a lot the sibs don’t always understand about each other (Gen X-ers wrote their papers on typewriters?!) they manage to find common ground on a few things, including Madonna’s music, Judy Bloom’s books and “My So-Called Life” re-runs.

Get Carded
Sunday is mother’s day. Though we’re sure we’re not the first to tell you that. (Thanks for the fifth reminder, Mom.) Grey Moggie Press has you covered with clever-yet-touching greeting cards for the occasion ($5, available at local Ace Hardware stores and Eastern Market). Favorites include “Mom, when I was younger I thought you were the smartest woman in the world. I still do” and “Mom, you were my first best friend.”


A Shoe-In
White cotton laces? Surely your fresh kicks deserve something a little less boring, like U-Laces ($3.50 a pack, u-lace.com). Available in 50 different shades like neon yellow and pastel blue, the elastic thingamabobs hold your sneakers together in a number of creative ways. Mix and match them for a rainbow effect (shown) or weave them into a crisscross pattern. The best part? No tying.

Specialties Delivery
Fed up with your local CSA? (How is one person supposed to consume so many beets?!) Hatchery delivers a monthly offering of five to six sample-sized products sourced from independent food artisans ($20 a month including shipping, shophatchery.com). Treats may include Better Off Spreads’ spicy peanut butter, Big Island Bees’ organic honey and Potlicker Kitchen’s apricot and beer jelly. The tasting box also comes with  a guide on how to best enjoy your new goodies as well as information about their producers.