Will Ferrell is said to be backing a new animated “The Flintstones” flick.

You wouldn’t ever think to go to the Illinois State Fair to get some fried alligator on a stick, but it’s one of the specialities there. Welcome to the weekend edition of Blog Log, where we scour the Internet so you don’t have to.

“i feel like the jetsons will always be second fiddle to the flintstones, even though they are, like, the exact same thing.”

— @KevEFly was disappointed by news from The Hollywood Reporter that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are onboard to executive produce a new animated “Flintstones” film. Which family of yesteryear — stone-age or space-age — should make it back to the big screen first? Tell us on Twitter @WaPoExpress.


“Isn’t the point of a state fair to showcase local products and produce and state pride …? Are there a lot of alligator farms in Illinois? Do alligators vacation there? What do their windbreakers look like?”

— C.A. Pinkham at kitchenette.jezebel.com, in chronicling what she finds to be the most ridiculous deep-fried foods at America’s state fairs, thinks Illinois’ fried alligator sticks are ripping off Florida. Other treats she found disappointing on principle: Iowa’s fried butter, Texas’ fried beer and Arizona’s fried scorpions.

“What to see = what they tell you to see, What to eat = what they tell you to eat”

— commenter MrRickus at theguardian.com/travel hopes to save travelers 99 cents by summarizing information available in a new app that sells itself as “the ultimate guide to North Korea.” The “100% unofficial” North Korea Travel, available for Apple and Android devices, is the first app in a series by U.K.-based startup Uniquely.Travel that will focus on previously “off-limits” destinations.


“None of the outlets near us, in the half-black city that NPR calls home, was carrying it. Jet had long been both everywhere and overlooked, and it seems it’s going out in the same way.”

— Gene Demby at npr.com/blogs/codeswitch is sad to see Jet magazine end its print run after more than six decades, but isn’t surprised to see the “black news, bite-size” publication switch to a digital-only model. Demby points out the magazine, which used to be in every black residence and black-owned business, hasn’t been able to stay relevant with the changing political and cultural landscape.

“We all know that to calm him down you just throw him a Snickers candy bar. For additional instructions call the Government of Japan and advise them to come get their monster back.”

— commenter southernrican at washingtonpost.com offers a few suggestions on how to contain Godzilla, who roars back into movie theaters May 16. In advance of the film’s release, Smithsonian Air & Space magazine asked airmen at Kadena Air Force Base in Japan how they would contain the beast if it ever emerged from the sea. Watch them strategize here.