At Express, we spend a lot of the day communicating with our coworkers on chat and email.  Sometimes we even talk about work! (Ba-dum-bum).

Here’s what we’ve been sharing amongst ourselves today.

Since we’re all human, we’re obsessed with the Jay Z/Solange brawl. Sam is sure Wendy Williams has unlocked the true cause behind it.

Naturally the video above sent everyone into a Beyonce-depression-spiral.

To cheer us up, Holley sent around this video of the world’s smartest chihuahua.

At this point, Holley was on an animal kick and  sent this video of an amazing hero cat saving a small child in California from a dog attack. (Don’t watch to the very end if you’re squeamish.)

Later, Rudi sent all the Game of Thrones fans in the office this video about how George R.R. Martin writes on an internet-less DOS machine. (Later in the day, Rudi finally realized Theon is Lily Allen‘s real-life brother.)

Then Adam G. bullied Beth into watching this video, which turned out to be the most adorable British children ever singing an anti-bullying ballad on Britain’s Got Talent. Worth it.

By the end of the day, Adam G., had learned that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a girlfriend, and he became sad.

Luckily, we found this gif of Zac Efron and forgot all about JGL.