Interoffice chat: the source of so much productivity, and so many adorable animal videos.

Today at Express, the cats vs. dogs debate raged out of control yet again. Here’s what we were sharing.

Mike kicked off the day with a cute dog alert.


Allie upped the ante with a rock-climbing cat. “IT CLIMBS ROCKS!!” she noted.

And thus the great Express cat vs. dog debate continued into another day.

Holley tried to broker peace with a Buzzfeed post featuring adorable cats AND dogs (and hedgehogs and horses and bunnies). According to Buzzfeed, viewing these images will make you a better person.

Then Kristen tried to distract us from animals altogether with this story of an astronaut saying goodbye to his robot friend. She teared up a little.

With the animals debate over, Adam G. and Sam buzzed about recently ousted NYT executive editor Jill Abramson’s new hobby.

Things got pretty feminist.

Continuing the gendered conversation, Sam and Holley debated how short men’s shorts should be. Mike admitted to buying a mid-length bathing suit on vacation once, saying, “I was the last person off the jorts train, and I didn’t want to be the last person off the long-shorts train.” Rudi said he only wears shorts that cover his knees.

Stymied by men’s fashion, we stared at this gif that Rachel sent until it made us seasick.

Finally, with the late-afternoon news that Beyonce and Jay Z released a statement about his fight with Solange, we expressed our complicated emotions using our favorite Soundboardt.

Which Beyon-sound captures your reaction to their joint statement? Tweet us @WapoExpress.