Andrew Garfeld stars in Arcade Fire's new video for "We Exist." (YouTube) Andrew Garfeld stars in Arcade Fire’s new video for “We Exist.” (YouTube)

We spend our days browsing the Web for the most interesting, often weirdest links out there so you don’t have to. Now read this:

—Arcade Fire’s new video for the song “We Exist” stars Andrew Garfield struggling with his gender identity.

—Someone stole the tail off the donkey. The Santa Fe New Mexican reports the sculpture of a burro that stands at one end of Burro Alley in Santa Fe, N.M., was vandalized and its tail was ripped off.

—The town of Manson, Iowa is having trouble digging a new well because remnants of a meteor that struck Earth an estimated 74 million years ago are in the way.

—You’re not imagining it: People really are saying “I can’t even” way more than ever. But it’s not grammatical laziness, there’s actually some interesting linguistics behind why we can’t even.

—A student in England got a surprise when he found his car overrun by a swarm of more than 20,000 bees.

—Turns out there’s a trick to finding love: Stick it out past the first 38.6 percent of eligible bachelors or bachelorettes. Math says this works.

—It’s the 50th anniversary of Nutella. Celebrate with a history of the world’s favorite snack, along with a spoonful (or two) of the sweet stuff.

—Did you know the Hanson brothers launched a beer last year? If you had to guess, would you say it’s called Mmmhops? You’d be right. The brothers taste their brew for People magazine:

Crack open a cold one while listening to this: