Asking your coworker how her weekend was could lead to an actual conversation. It’s much safer just to share links. Here’s what we’re sharing today on interoffice chat.

On Monday morning, two words were on everyone’s lips: “Beer. Toss.” Yes, one attractive man (Brad Pitt) throwing a beer to another attractive man (Matthew McConaughey). “It was unsettling seeing Rustin Cohle being social,” Allie said.

Holley wanted us to see Louis C.K’s interview with Charlie Rose. But only the best parts.

Adam G. tried to talk about sports by sharing that Cristiano Ronaldo graces the cover of Vogue España. “World Cup. Sportsball. Fashion,” he said.

He then lamented his inability to discuss sportsball in an educated fashion.

Down the hall, Vicky wondered if she should have been getting paid menstrual leave all these years.

And then she wondered why so few people were following the Prancercise lady’s twitter account. (It’s basically all just cute animals).

Sam wondered if Facebook’s new tool was an appropriate way to define the relationship.

Adam G.’s mind boggled at a proposal to create free range chickens using virtual reality.

Rachel O. was touched by a couple who sang their wedding vows. “This is cheesy but after watching some emotional season finales last week, i just love it,” she said.

Elsewhere, Allie fell down the rabbit-hole of this Reddit thread with interesting facts about adorable animals. Like this video of a vampire bat running on a treadmill.

Adam G. wondered if Silicon Valley was doomed.

And Mike didn’t share anything because he spent all morning on looking for furniture for his new apartment. He asks all Express readers to send him old dressers and/or sofas.