Male high school students in Nantes, France, donned skirts to school on Friday. (Jean-Sebastien Evrard/Getty Images)

We spend our days browsing the Web for the most interesting, often weirdest links out there so you don’t have to. Now read this:

– On Friday, boys at high schools in Nantes, France, wore skirts to school to protest conservative parents’ outrage over proposed curriculum changes that would emphasize equality between the sexes.

Peyton Manning was arrested in Nashville, Tenn., early Monday morning, according to The Tennessean. Don’t worry, it wasn’t that Peyton Manning.

– A 23-year-old Ottumwa, Iowa, woman believes there was marijuana on her McDouble when she bit into it.

Chicagoans can now borrow a Finch Robot from six branches of the Chicago Public Library. The small guy adorably teaches basic computer science and programming.

– A 43-year-old Alaska man is expected to make a full recovery after initially treating a gunshot wound to the head for five days with an antibiotic ointment.

– The Rubik’s cube has been stumping kids and adults for 40 years, but it wasn’t initially designed to be a toy. Fun fact: There are more than 43 quintillion (that’s 18 zeroes) possible arrangements of its 54 squares.

Researchers in Argentina think they have discovered a fossilized femur belonging to the biggest creature to ever roam the planet – a seven-story tall dinosaur.

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– Have you tried the new beer that’s made with Old Bay Seasoning?