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On Friday, five dogs will vie for a single spot in the BSO’s production of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer’s Night Dream,” featuring music by Felix Mendelssohn. The winning mutt gets to go toe-to-toe with actors such as John Bolger of “General Hospital” and Linda Powell of “Chicago Fire” fame.

The walk-on role is small but important, says BSO spokesperson Laura Soldati. “His job is basically to be a sidekick to the man in the moon,” she says.

The lucky dogs are judged on a range of factors. The perfect canine actor will get along with the human actors, be potty trained, be able to ignore loud music, wag its tail a lot and look “a little sleepy,” according to the BSO. The ability to do tricks is a plus, too.

The five finalists below have already beaten out dozens of other doggies with their sleepy good looks. Stage director Edward Berkeley gets to pick the  winner.

Which one seems the most Shakespearian to you?


Breed: Lab mix

Qualifications: His rather apt name.


Barry Manilow

Breed: Mutt

Qualifications: Tail never stops wagging



Breed: German Shepherd/Collie

Qualifications: Can high-five on command


Photo by Gregg Boersma Photo by Gregg Boersma


Breed: Mutt

Qualifications: He played Sandy in an elementary school production of “Annie”




Breed: Mutt

Qualifications: His favorite instrument is the oboe


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Corrected: This post was corrected with the accurate day of the competition, spelling of BSO spokesperson Laura Soldati’s last name, and the role the dog will be playing.