“Blended” opens Friday. (Warner Bros.)

In “Blended,” out Friday, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have a bad first date. Which somehow turns into a vacation where all their kids are there and sparks fly because kids are totally conducive to romance. Their combined family joins these other blended broods.

‘Yours, Mine and Ours’

In this 1968 comedy (remade in 2005), Henry Fonda, who has 10 children, marries Lucille Ball, who has eight. They immediately dedicate themselves to a sexless marriage.

‘The Brady Bunch Movie’

TV’s most famous stepfamily came to the big screen in 1995, but this time the ’70s clan is living in modern times. Anachronistic adorableness is awkward for Jan but guess who manages to carry it off? Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

‘Step Brothers’

How do you get an adult child out of your house? This 2008 film suggested marrying someone with an equally lazy son and then making them share a room. They’ll either kill each other or have so much fun they’ll never leave.

‘The Stepfather’

Usually stepmoms get the bad rap (thanks, Disney!) but in this 2009 horror remake, Dylan Walsh takes discipline to extreme levels. Like death.

‘My Stepmother Is an Alien’

This 1988 comedy is actually pretty good, but the best part is seeing an itty-bitty Alyson Hannigan. It’s Willow! But tiny!