Disney and Marvel’s “Big Hero 6” is based on a not-so-widely-known comic series of the same name. (Disney/Marvel)

We spend our days browsing the Web for the most interesting, often weirdest links out there so you don’t have to. Now read this:


– A Netflix glitch which caused hilarious mashups of film descriptions has been corrected, the company says. The guy behind the @summarybug Tumblr, though, says he still has some gems to post.

Authorities say a man stole a New York City bakery truck and began delivering loaves of bread to random businesses.

Walking Dogs With Drones from Jeff Myers on Vimeo.

– New York City-based videographer Jeff Myers used a drone to walk his golden retriever. The dog doesn’t seem to mind that there was no human involved.

– A crocodile was rudely awoken from a nap when an accountant was thrown from a tour bus and landed on it, according to Russian media.

– Disney’s first Marvel animated feature “Big Hero 6” will be in theaters in November. The first trailer is adorable.

Encouraged by the warm weather, President Obama shuns his convoy and takes a walk to the U.S. Department of the Interior, surrounded by secret service agents. (Reuters)

– Yes, Obama took a walk around the mall and greeted tourists after declaring “The bear is loose!”

British police say they have a good idea who stole two diamond rings and a wedding band from a Kingston shop on Sunday — the suspected thief left his cellphone behind, with a photo of himself as the screensaver.