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Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill surprised us all with “21 Jump Street,” which didn’t suck. Less surprising: They’re back with “22 Jump Street,” out Friday, in which the cops go undercover at a college. They can look to these secret officers for tips.

Sean Archer

1997 was a great year for punctuation in movies, at least when it came to “Face/Off.” John Travolta gets a great cover story by taking on criminal Nic Cage’s actual face. He took his face OFF. Nuanced, yes?

Donnie Brasco

There was once a time when Johnny Depp chose to do some pretty good movies, and in the midst of that time came 1997 and “Donnie Brasco.” Brasco is an FBI agent infiltrating the mob, which he finds has a lot less red tape than the agency.

Inspector Yuen

If you haven’t seen “Hard Boiled,” John Woo’s utterly insane 1992 cop thriller, you are missing out. Chow Yun-Fat is a cop so dedicated to maintaining his story he … actually, just see the movie.

Johnny Utah

The writer of 1991’s “Point Break” thought this was a good name for an undercover cop, probably because “America McJustice” was just too subtle.

John Kimble

In 1990’s “Kindergarten Cop,” Arnold Schwarzenegger is out to catch a bad guy by searching among people who think paste is an acceptable snack. Good plan.