There is a way to enjoy “Orange Is the New Black” without getting stuck in a binging cycle. (Netflix)

Some folks are binge watching all 13 new episodes of “Orange Is the New Black” (Netflix). Other “Orange” lovers are anti-binging. They ask: How can you savor the complex flavors of one episode if you’ve already moved to the next one … and the next? Plus, binging can make you queasy.

And really, binge watching is so 2011! Let’s move on to exciting new viewing techniques:

Cringe watch: You recoil while viewing but keep coming back for more (see: Schadenfreude). Qualifying shows: Anything with “Housewives,” “Amish” or “Kardashians” in the title.

Fringe watch: Find a show that hardly anyone in D.C. watches but you. This gives you awesome comments for water cooler conversations: “Can you believe how much weight that tractor pulled down the track on ‘National Tractor Pulling’ (6:30 p.m. Tuesdays on RFD-TV)?”

Stingy watch: Just tune in for a teeny bit. So you can say, “I caught three minutes of ‘Mistresses’ (10 p.m. Mondays on ABC) and I sure did laugh when that mistress said, ‘Rain on my slutty parade.’ Then I had to go fold laundry.” A stingy watcher will seem totally up on the latest TV without falling behind on household chores.