Joe Biden hung out with the victorious U.S. Men’s National Team after their World Cup victory. (The White House / YouTube)

—Joe Biden hung out with the USA Men’s Soccer Team after their victory and offered to buy them beers because AMERICA.


—Today in “wait, really?” news: a Mass. priest was confused to find thieves broke into his church and only stole his vestments.

—A one-cent postage stamp just sold for $9.5 million. Guess stamp collecting was a pretty cool hobby after all.

—Presented without comment: The mayor of San Marino, Calif., has resigned after backlash over a “dog poop-throwing incident”

—A poll from FiveThirtyEight found that we’re pretty divided on the Oxford comma. Shocker.

—Facebook has a new Snapchat competitor, and this time it might actually work

—Why do we learn to like foods when we get older? Turns out we have our noses to thank.