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Five documentaries you should Netflix before seeing ‘Korengal’ at E Street Cinema

Sebastian Junger directed “Korengal,” a documentary about soldiers on the front lines. (Goldcrest Films)

Korengal,” a documentary about soldiers on the front lines in Afghanistan (like, WAY in the front), opens Friday at E Street Cinema. It’s director Sebastian Junger’s follow-up to 2010’s “Restrepo,” which you also should watch. In fact, Netflix all these top docs.

Junger and co-director Tim Hetherington spent a year with a platoon serving in one of Afghanistan’s most dangerous valleys. The intense, immersive film shows the reality of war like nothing before.

This 2011 Oscar winner is about an underfunded underdog of a Memphis high school football team. They’re just looking for a winning season — and some way out of the crushing poverty that surrounds them.

‘The Queen of Versailles’
In short, this 2012 doc is about a couple billionaires building a house. Really, it’s about how the recession affected the top 1 percent of the 1 percent, and how money may not buy happiness but it can buy a crap-ton of stuff.

This 2013 film has popped up on CNN (and probably your Facebook feed after your friends saw it). Yes, it’s depressing. You need to see it anyway. You probably won’t feel like going to Sea World much after you do.

‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’
The world’s best sushi restaurant is in a Tokyo subway station, with Jiro Ono behind the counter. He’s a workaholic and not a great dad, and everything he makes in this 2012 doc will get you hungry enough to chew your arm off.

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