– They’ll likely be mindful of any future fireworks ban. Albuquerque, N.M., authorities say, among the more than a dozen citations for illegal fireworks handed out July Fourth, one was given to a group of Buddhist monks, KRQE-TV reports.

– TGI Fridays now has endless appetizers for $10.

– Officials say a man who was loudly chanting on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Hawaii on Thursday made the other passengers uncomfortable and prompted the crew to return and drop him off with law enforcement at Sea-Tac Airport.

– Quote of the day: “On that last hay bale when my legs were rubber, I remembered my promise not to drop her.” — Todd Robinson, a 57-year-old Wisconsin man who participated in the eighth annual Wisconsin Wife Carry Championship Race in Monona. The Robinsons lost out to Jon Fenrick, a 29-year-old police officer.


– Teddy defended Nats Park against Cubs mascot impersonator, LarQ, during the holiday weekend.

Cranberry farmer Adrienne Mollor arranges a rose-shaped floating display full of cranberries Monday at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in London. The flower show, which opens to the public Thursday, is the world’s largest flower show with more than 600 exhibitors spread over 34 acres. (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

– How should Andrew Lloyd Webber update a new London West End revival of his musical, “Cats”? He’s said he’s making the character of Rum Tum Tugger a rapping street cat. “All we need is an appearance by MC Skat Cat and a feature by Macklemore, and this is a guaranteed hit,” writes Vulture’s Lindsey Weber.

Instagram gets even more nostalgic with Reelagram. (Reelagram)

– Remember View-Masters? Now you can get seven of your Instagram photos printed onto a slide and buy a View-Master-like device to look at them with. It’s called Reelagram.