Dr. Paul Nassif, and Dr. Terry Dubro are the medical masterminds behind “Botched.” (Brandon Hickman/E!)

I know I’m not perfect-looking. Once when my daughter was little I took her to Safeway and some girl said, “Look at that big-nose guy with that cute baby.”

“Botched” (10 p.m. Sundays on E!), in which two plastic surgeons fix failed plastic surgeries, has made me feel better about my schnozzola. At least no one’s ever said to me: “His nose is completely on the other side of his face.” Or: “I know it looks really bad but it’s actually really worse inside.”

The show’s docs, Terry Dubrow, above right, and Paul Nassif, above left, have tough customers: a lady whose breast implants merged into a uniboob, a lady who had six nose jobs after a car accident and now barely has a nose at all. Not to mention SUPERMODEL JANICE DICKINSON, who confounds the doctors by taking off her dressing and removing her drains after they replace her “rippling, antiquated” implants.

Dubrow and Nassif do excellent fix-ups. And don’t worry, the show won’t encourage needless plastic surgery. Justin, who’s undergone 32 procedures to turn himself into a living Ken doll, asks the “Botched” duo for calf, quad and lat implants. The surgeons won’t touch him.