You may know Mathew Ramsey for his image-rich website,, which has garnered national attention for its epic ingredients and perfect puns. Take the Melon Monroe burger: a stack of fried pig ear, mini cucumbers and compressed watermelon sandwiched between two beautiful, blonde goat cheese beignets.

Ramsey does more than burgers. Last month, the culinary school grad launched a monthly four-seat supper club called Bar R (currently the only place you’ll be able to try one of his creations), and he’s authoring a cookbook full of more food porn.

Ramsey’s home turf is Bloomingdale, a swath of awesomeness on the edge of Northwest D.C. “I tried living in Dupont, but that was too glossy,” he says. “Then there was H Street, but it didn’t have a neighborhood vibe. Bloomingdale is a place where everyone says hi.”

So where does Ramsey go to gorge on edible eye candy? KoChix — a mom-and-pop shop specializing in Korean fried chicken. “I don’t dig KoChix, I crave KoChix,” he says. The two-seat spot is helmed by Karen and Young Park, a couple so adorable you’ll want them to adopt you.

Their crispy wings — available in soy garlic, honey spicy and hot honey spicy flavors — have just the right amount of sweetness, as if Willy Wonka gave them a kiss. Karen Park says the secret to the crispiness is double frying, first for seven minutes, then four. If you don’t live in Bloomingdale, rejoice in knowing that KoChix is now on Caviar, an online delivery service.


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