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“The Purge: Anarchy,” out Friday, follows its 2013 predecessor’s conceit of an America where, for one night only, all crime is legal. When a couple’s car breaks down on that night, things turn hilarious! By which we mean terrible, like these movie nights.

‘Die Hard’
John McClane has the worst Christmas Eve ever in the 1988 original. He’s separated from his wife, he has to fight terrorists, and there’s just no chance he’ll get that pony he asked for.

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’
It’s another awful Christmas Eve in 1946 when George Bailey decides to toss himself off a bridge. Thanks to a ton of flashbacks, though, he decides there are better ways to spend the holiday.

This 1985 film is a comedy, but if you look at it, a night in a mansion is way more fun when people do more partying and less dying.

‘Night of the Living Dead’
In this 1968 horror classic, a bunch of people hide in a farmhouse during a zombie attack. That’s the bad news. The good news is there are snacks! For the zombies.

‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’
It’s the worst cocktail party ever in this 1966 film, which starts out with friendly banter and ends with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton verbally savaging each other while another couple tries to figure out a polite way to find more vodka.