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It’s never too early to start complaining about the Silver Line — in song!

HANDOUT IMAGE: Metro silver line

Silver Line service doesn’t start ’till Saturday, but here’s head start on the harping that’s sure to follow. We collected every complaint we could find about WMATA’s new line and compiled them to the tune of “Silver Bells.”

Washington Post Express reporter Sadie Dingfelder compiled all the complaints she heard about WMATA's new Silver Line into one tune. (Video: Sadie Dingfelder/The Washington Post)

Silver Line (to the tune of “Silver Bells”)

Five new stations

Fare inflations

Just one parking garage

Did they really think we’d walk to Tysons?

Blue line cutbacks

Orange lines share tracks

Tempers getting real frayed

Never thought we’d miss I-66

Silver Line, Silver Line

Connecting the ‘burbs to the city

Orange crush, morning rush

Will we get to work on time?

Shiny new trains

Public service campaigns

Free t-shirts galore

Is this what put us so over-budget?


Is done testing

Those fancy new tracks

And from Tysons to Largo we’ll hear

Silver Line, Silver Line

Trains cramming through Rosslyn tunnel

We are told

When we’re old

It will run to IAD

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