Entrees at a Bespoke Kitchen dinner may include scallops with pureed fennel and cherry chutney.

If you’re planning a wedding, there are a number of reasons to choose Eat & Smile as your caterer: Ingredients are sourced locally; dishes are plated restaurant-style (never pre-heated); and recipes are developed with love by founder Oliver Friendly, a fourth-generation Washingtonian who previously worked at PS7 and Hook. Here’s one other reason: “I’ve had a zero divorce rate for over 200 weddings in five years,” Friendly says playfully.

If wedding bells aren’t in your future, you can still get a taste of Friendly’s cooking via The Bespoke Kitchen, the supper club he’s been hosting sporadically out of his Rhode Island Avenue catering kitchen for about a year now.

Starting next month, he’s increasing dinner service to two or three times a week. The multicourse meals for groups of up to 12 ($70 per person, plus $25 for beverage pairings, tax and tip included) give Friendly a chance to exercise his more creative side. “I wanted to have an outlet that wasn’t somebody’s wedding,” he says. “A lot of times people want steak and potatoes and Caesar salad. They’re not always open to smoked calf’s liver.”

Bespoke Kitchen entrees have included veal tenderloin with scallop mashed potatoes and seared scallops with a roasted fennel puree, pistachios and a sour cherry chutney.

“I really get to play,” Friendly says. “I’m not tied to one person’s menu.”

Bespoke Kitchen, 2212 Rhode Island Ave. NE; 202-270-1018, thebespokekitchendc.com. Email info@thebespokekitchendc.com to be added to the list.


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