Lizzy Caplan, left, and Michael Sheen are just sitting around in their bathrobes. That’s it. Nothing more. (Showtime)

Perhaps you, like me,never found time to watch the first season of “Masters of Sex,” the Showtime series based on the real-life lives of sexologists Dr. Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson.  But as I read rave reviews, I did grow curious as to just how sexy “Sex” is, so I jumped in for Season 2 (10 p.m. Sundays).

Here are my findings. Since this is a family newspaper, I hope the Express censor does not redact my recap.

OK. So Dr. Masters is married and has a new crying baby but is [bleeping] Virginia, who has been helping him research what happens when a lady has a [bleep]. Veteran actor Beau Bridges plays a closeted gay university provost who looks at muscle man magazines in a futile attempt to [bleep] his wife. The wife of a young doctor comes to the hospital where he works, children in tow, and announces over the intercom that he is [bleeping] her sister. A hoity toity couple wants to sterilize their nymphomaniac teenage daughter.

Clearly, there is a surfeit of sex. But not everything is revealed. While we see a lot of flesh (especially the female part that rhymes with “gipple”), bedsheets fall conveniently across [bleeps] and [bleeps].

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