Love locks on the Key Bridge. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)



The number of known “love locks” in D.C., 48 hung on the Key Bridge (as reported by ARLNow) and 22 on a fence near E and Second streets SW. (The 22 in SW have been there for a few months, said passersby.) Lovers observing the practice snap padlocks bearing their names onto railings or fences as symbols of their enduring passion. As the trend finally reaches the DMV, we look at how other cities have recently dealt with this scourge.

Paris: Love locks crumpled a railing on the Pont des Arts bridge in June, but no ban. (Yet!)
New York: Cut 5,600 locks off the Brooklyn Bridge in May.
Forth, Scotland: In July, set up a designated love-lock area; now sells heart-shaped locks. H.J.M


Help us UMD, you’re our only hope

Tragically, not one D.C.-area university made the Princeton Review’s list of top party schools, released Monday. To win that designation, students must report plenty of drug and alcohol use, a lively Greek social scene and few hours spent studying, says spokesperson Rob Franek.

“Historically, D.C. schools don’t make the party list, but they do make the list of the most politically active students,” he says. “George Washington University was No. 1.”

Cold comfort. The DMV school with the best chance of landing on the cool kids’ list is probably the University of Maryland, College Park, since it at least has fraternities and sororities. Georgetown University has none. Don’t count on Howard University to come to the rescue: Though it made the top-20 list for Greek life, it also ranked as one of the driest campuses around. S.D.


Do you eat the beard first or last?

Normally, the Jayson Werth cookies at Nationals Park wear tiny baseball caps on their tiny heads. Not Tuesday. In honor of the Jayson Werth Garden Gnome giveaway, Fluffy Thoughts Cakes’ two stadium outposts went full gnome, offering $6.50 edible Werths. What could possibly top that? Fluffy Thoughts owner Lara Stuckey says they are at work on a Bryce Harper cookie. R.S.


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