Photo by Emma McAlary

When it comes to building a pickle empire, Sarah Gordon and Sheila Fain found, all you need is love.

The pair behind Gordy’s Pickle Jar made their first batch of sweet chips as favors for their best friend’s wedding in 2011.

Last Friday, almost three years to the day later, they signed a lease for a production facility in Petworth to accommodate their business’ rapid growth.

“We took over the space after being picked up by The Fresh Market and had an immediate need to up our production,” Gordon says of a recent partnership with the nationwide grocer.

The 1,200-square-foot production facility is a step up from the increasingly cramped kitchen they previously shared at Montserrat House.

Though the two have no plans to sell jars of pickles at the distribution center, Gordon and Fain do plan to teach pickling classes and hope to partner with local chefs to host supper clubs once the space opens, possibly in October.

“Our kitchen is fully outfitted for more than just pickling,” Gordon says. “To have our own space to work and to do a lot of things we’ve been wanting to do in terms of collaboration is so exciting.”


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