Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen. (Steve Helber/AP)

As the corruption trial of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, stretches into its second week, the torrent of bizarre revelations and salacious details has yet to slow. Can you tell who uttered a few of the trial’s strangest quotes?

The Characters

1. William Burck: Maureen McDonnell’s lead defense attorney

2. Mary-Shea Sutherland: Maureen’s former chief of staff

3. John Brownlee: One of Bob McDonnell’s lead defense attorneys

4. Phil Cox: A former political advisor to Bob McDonnell

5. Jonnie Williams: A businessman and the star witness for the prosecution

The Quotes

A. “Do you know if the governor enjoyed wearing women’s clothing?”

B. “Bob McDonnell eats Virginia ham. He drinks Virginia wine. And my guess is, if the man smoked, he’d smoke Virginia cigarettes.”

C. “I’m in Florida, and I’m gonna fly all the way to Virginia for a tool party?”

D. “She was the mother of five — I don’t know how lonely she could be.”

E. “I was horrified. I thought it was a train wreck. I thought it was improper that Maureen would try to push this product on Ann Romney.”

The Answers

A. William Burck, pointing out that Bob McDonnell wasn’t required to report gifts to his wife, Maureen, a private citizen

B. John Brownlee, saying that his client had intended only to promote a Virginia company

C. Jonnie Williams, saying he wasn’t interested in attending a tool party (the “guy’s equivalent” of a bridal shower) for the McDonnells’ future son-in-law. He looked into buying them a generator but settled instead on a $10,000 check

D. Mary-Shea Sutherland, responding to questions that implied Maureen McDonnell was a lonely, anxious woman who found friendship with Williams

E. Phil Cox, testifying that he witnessed Maureen trying to pitch Ann Romney on a diet supplement produced by Williams’ company


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