SketchFactor’s icon for an area ranked 5, the most sketchy.

SketchFactor, a free iPhone app that maps whatever users deem sketch, launched Friday. The Internet rushed to call the app created by former D.C. residents racist, predicting that skittish white people would overreport danger in predominantly non-white areas. Another reason for skepticism: By Saturday at 9 p.m., about 35 percent of the 250 D.C.-area reports were either silly or wholly benign.

How it works: SketchFactor users subjectively rank incidents from 1 to 5, with 5 the most sketchy. What earns a 5? Anything from a cool mosaic to a recent killing. Here’s a breakdown of reports:

21 of creepy people
20 jokes about Obama/Congress/Supreme Court/taxes/the military
20 of harassment, mostly sexual in nature
19 of homeless people and/or panhandlers
14 of generic sketch
13 of muggings or attempted muggings
10 of drug users or drug deals
8 of people hanging out or loitering
7 of bad driving
6 of hipsters
6 of non-mugging violent crimes or attempts thereof
5 of gentrification
5 of drunken people
5 of crimes that didn’t fit into the other categories
4 of yuppies
4 jokes about tourist attractions
3 of bros
3 of cute dogs
3 of ghosts/hauntings
3 of prostitutes
3 of police presence
2 of suspicious tourists
2 of Australians
2 of dragon attacks
2 of bad lighting
2 of issues with Starbucks
2 of bad music
2 of crimes that took place in the early 1900s
2 of crimes that look place in the 1990s
2 of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination
1 “House of Cards” joke
1 “Night at the Museum” joke
1 “Jumanji” joke
1 War of 1812 joke
1 joke about the Nats losing
1 of a passageway to Narnia
1 of suspicious squirrel activity
1 of a trail of chicken wings (mostly eaten)
1 of a child riding bicycle in her pajamas
1 of people in mechanical animal costumes exiting a building
1 of “really weird fish here.”
1 of a guy entering bogus data into the app
1 of low-flying planes near National Airport
1 of a horny dog
1 of loud construction
1 of a Giants flag in Redskins territory
1 of a cool mosaic
1 of rabid cats
1 of being bitten by a dog
1 of guys with flashlights
1 of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan
1 of too many trees blocking a house
1 of a toddler infiltrating the White House
1 of a recent murder

7 unclassifiable jokes
19 incoherent or otherwise unclassifiable reports

Sample includes D.C., Arlington, Alexandria, Bethesda and Silver Spring

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