The One Direction guy on the left must have been having a bad hair day. (Kyle Gustafson/for The Washington Post)

What happens when you’re offered an interview with One Direction’s stylist

Monday, before One Direction’s concert at Nationals Park, we were worried. How would the boy band’s famously lofty hairstyles fare in D.C.’s oppressive summer air?

We asked One Direction stylist Lou Teasdale. ”To help maintain the boys’ hair during the summer heat and humidity, I like to use a bit of Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray and blow-dry with a round brush,” she said via email.

We tried this procedure on Express art director Allie Ghaman, but failed to achieve Harry Styles altitude. Three more Fudge Urban products — hairspray, a powder and a waxy substance called “Junk” — did produce a semblance of a One Direction ’do, but it was crushed by the building’s gale-force A/C.


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