Big ass chocolate cake
Society Fair, locations in Alexandria and Arlington,
“This cake reminds me of childhood and birthday parties,” says pastry chef Rebekka Baltzell. Made with Dutch cocoa powder, brewed coffee (for balance) and ganache frosting, it’s moist and pillowy at once ($6.15). “A lot of cakes look good but don’t taste like chocolate,” Baltzell says. “This doesn’t disappoint.”


Chocolate fudge cake
Bourbon Steak, 2800 Pennsylvania Ave. NW; 202-944-2026,
This decadent “slice” of chocolate cake comes deconstructed in a glass jar ($11). It includes chocolate angel food cake, caramelized honeycomb and whipped creme fraiche as an icing alternative. It’s topped with an acidic gastrique, which is poured tableside.

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