Well before Faith Dane was a nine-time D.C. mayoral candidate, she starred in the 1959 Broadway show and 1962 movie “Gypsy” as Mazeppa, a horn-playing stripper. The 90-year-old, who goes by her first name alone, still uses music to get her point across: Her campaign posters depict her younger self playing a bugle, and her original songs continue to amuse and irritate at mayoral forums. We asked Faith how she keeps carrying her tune.

Why do you keep running for mayor?
We’ve become the international business brothel of the world. I feel that Washington makes Vegas look like the Vatican. And I wasn’t gonna be one of the people who don’t do anything.

You’re a DC Statehood Green Party candidate this year. What’s your platform?
The main issue is “arts around the clock.” I’m old enough to be familiar with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal for the arts. We had arts around the clock — painting, music, dance. And it was free! It was so therapeutic.

How do you combine music and politics?
I do a lot of singing at the forums. I don’t talk my platform, I sing it.

What’s an example?
[To the tune of “We Are the World”] We are D.C., we’re getting shafted/ With no respect from Congress, no votes/ our children are getting drafted.

Marlon Brando endorsed you in 2002. How did that happen?
We were friends since we were 22, devoted friends. But we weren’t lovers.


Tell us about your campaign poster.
It’s got a lot of pathos in it. That picture was taken when I was getting evicted from my apartment in St. Croix [in the 1970s]. The marshal [performing the eviction] was an amateur photographer, and I said, “Do me a favor, take my picture.” It’s gonna get me elected!

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