Erick Sanchez just wanted to have Kenny Loggins play in his living room in Eastern Market.

Thanks to 185 backers on Kickstarter — as well as a little help from Jimmy Kimmel, TMZ and Loggins himself — that wish is coming true.

Just two weeks after launching the campaign seeking $30,000 to fund an acoustic home show, Sanchez hit that goal on Monday night.

The 28-year-old, a self-described “Logginsista,” has fond memories of listening to soft rock in the back of his parents 1992 Plymouth Acclaim and likes to say that his dentist is his DJ.

So when he saw that Loggins had launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new album with his band Blue Sky Riders, and that one of the tiers was a private home show, he took to the Internet’s go-to for far-fetched projects.

“It seemed to be an impossible dream,” he says.

But within a few days, Sanchez had already Skyped with Loggins himself, who wound up purchasing one of the $500 “Guillermo special” awards (thus guaranteeing him a seat at his own show).

TMZ managed to track Loggins down and ask his thoughts on the campaign.

And Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Sanchez about the project, asking hardball questions like “What will you do if Kenny comes to your living room and refuses to leave?” (Sanchez: “I’d be all right with it as long as he meets me halfway on rent.”)

After a final push imploring his friends on social media to donate, Sanchez hit the $30,000 mark around 10p.m. on Monday, with 11 days left to go in the campaign.

Now that he’s managed to convince people on the Internet to give him more than $30,000, Sanchez still has at least one big ask ahead of him.

“I haven’t had a chance to talk to my landlord yet,” Sanchez says, noting that he just moved into the condo building in May. Cue the intro to “Danger Zone?”

Nope, he says. “I’m confident it will happen.”

Just in case, he has a couple of contingency plans, including his building’s rooftop. He says the details will be worked out after the campaign officially ends, but they are looking at dates in 2015 for the show.

“It’s been a whirlwind … I had no idea it was going to go this far.”

To recap, this all happened in the span of TWO weeks:

July 15: Kenny Loggins launches a Kickstarter
Loggins and his band Blue Sky Riders seek $85,000 to fund a new album, writing “it’s not just about the money (granted that’s a BIG deal) — it’s about staying creative and vital by embracing the new way that music is made.”

July 29: Erick Sanchez launches a Kickstarter
“It’s been a Don Quixote style journey,” Sanchez says.

Aug. 2: Kenny and Erick chat on Skype
“He was really excited about me starting the campaign,” Sanchez says. “He wished me luck.”

Aug. 5: Sanchez goes on Jimmy Kimmel
Kimmel asked “Are you going to go after Kenny Rogers or are you a one Kenny man?” (Sanchez: I’m a one-Kenny man.)

Aug. 12: The “I want Kenny Loggins to play in my living room” campaign hits its goal
What did Sanchez do to celebrate? “Made myself some popcorn, took a deep breath and watched a little bit of Bravo.”

2015: Kenny Loggins plays in Sanchez living room?
The details will be worked out after the campaign ends, but Sanchez says they are looking at sometime in 2015 for the show.


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