Jeff Bridges, left, and Brenton Thwaites star in “The Giver.” (The Weinstein Company)

Take it back! In “The Giver,” out Friday, Jonas (Brenton Thwaites, right) is assigned to receive all the memories his “perfect” community has extinguished, like war, poverty and puppies. It’s not the weirdest gift someone has gotten in the movies.

‘The Game’: In this 1997 thriller, a rich banker (Michael Douglas) has it all. So his brother (Sean Penn) gets him an “experience” that involves people taking all his money, kidnapping him and possibly trying to kill him. No returns allowed.

‘Gremlins’: Getting someone a pet is almost always a bad idea, especially when it’s a Mogwai, like in this 1984 film. You can’t even bathe it without it spawning evil creatures in numbers that would make a rabbit jealous.

‘A Christmas Story’: When Ralphie gets his pink bunny pajamas in 1983’s holiday classic, they’re ugly enough you’ll want to shoot your eye out.

‘Better Off Dead’: If you haven’t seen this 1985 comedy, you really should — if only for the scene in which a mother gives her son a stack of frozen TV dinners. Sodium: It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

‘Say Anything …’: Lloyd Dobler gives Diane Court his heart in the sweetest film of 1989. She gives him a pen. For revenge, he stands outside her house blaring Peter Gabriel all night long.

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