What’s the best new restaurant in all of the United States? Rose’s Luxury, an unpretentious, innovative eatery in Capitol Hill, according to Bon Appetit. This is the first time in the “Hot Ten” list’s five-year history that D.C. won the top spot. We called the magazine’s restaurant and drinks editor, Andrew Knowlton, to find out why it took so long.

Why do you hate D.C.?
If I hate D.C., I hate New York a lot more, because D.C. got it this year, and New York never has.

Restaurants in Philadelphia and New York got second and third place, respectively. How should we taunt those losers?
You should tell Philadelphia, “At least you still have your overwrought and overexposed cheese steak.” As for New York, tell them not to be so cocky next time. Then send them the lunch bag you get from Rose’s Luxury when you dine at the special table on the roof. On the way out, they give you a bag with a brisket sandwich, a Capri Sun and Utz potato chips.

What made Rose’s Luxury stand out?
Everyone there was having a good time. At the end of the day, even for the snobby food people like myself, all you really want is to have a good time at a restaurant and eat great food.

What’s the best thing you ate there?
I usually say fried chicken has to be bone-on, but their boneless little thigh niblets with the honey and the benne seeds is pretty remarkable. That guy’s a master fryer. He also does fried oysters with tzatziki and oyster juice in the sauce that are amazing. The lychee pork dish is also pretty incredible. You stir it all together and it gets this curry-like flavor.

You wrote that D.C. is famous for power lunches. What exactly is a power lunch? How would you know if you were having one?
Well, you’d be sitting next to a guy with a white shirt and a blue or a red tie, and you’d be eating a Cobb salad or some sort of chicken wrap, and you’d be talking about policy or why somebody on the other side of the aisle doesn’t know s—.

Who is waiting in the wings to steal our title?
You never know where or when a great restaurant is going to pop up. Sometimes it’s in a city where you least expect it.

Like D.C.?
I just have to wait to see where I eat out in 2015.

BONUS: Want to learn how to make Rose Luxury’s strawberry pasta dish at home? We’ve got the recipe here.

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