In “This Is Where I Leave You,” out Friday, an impossibly good-looking family gets together to bury their father and admire Connie Britton’s hair. At least that’s what we’d be doing; movie family reunions have included weirder activities.

1. ‘August: Osage County’

When the Westons come together after the death of their patriarch, their family dynamics are so screwed up the funeral is the most fun part of the reunion.

2. ‘Death at a Funeral’

The 2010 remake of a 2007 British film (both of which star Peter Dinklage) also centers on a funeral, but one that’s so hilarious you kind of forget that someone is dead.

3. ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’

Wes Anderson brings his signature visual style to detail what happens when a family of child prodigies reunite after hearing their father is terminally ill; then it’s about what happens when it turns out he’s not.

4. ‘Big Fish’

It’s not a big family reunion, but this 2003 Tim Burton film focuses on a son who comes to the bedside of his dying father; it’s one of the few films that brings both the laughs and the ugly cry.

5. ‘The Kids are All Right’

Getting together with your dad takes a modern twist when the dad in question is a sperm donor. And then the family tree gets more twisted when one of your lesbian moms sleeps with him.

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