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One more week to sweat tax-free in D.C.

Spinning at Stroga is about to get taxed, along with all other fitness activities in D.C. (Teddy Wolff/For Express)
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The District’s fitness community knows how to put up a fight. So when the D.C. Council considered a proposal earlier this year to extend the sales tax to several previously exempt businesses — including gyms and yoga studios — CrossFitters, Ashtangis and cyclists joined forces to protest.

But their burpee flash mobs couldn’t hold off the so-called “yoga tax,” which goes into effect Oct. 1. That leaves one more week to avoid the new 5.75 percent charge.

At fitness facilities with a monthly fee, members should expect a higher bill. (Currently spending $100 per month? You’ll pony up $69 more this year.)

Folks who sweat it out at places with class packs, however, might want to consider buying in bulk now. The packs already lower the price per class — just be careful about expiration dates.

Several studios are offering special “beat the tax” deals: Class packs and workshops are 10 percent off at Mount Pleasant’s Past Tense (use promo code TaxBreak10), and Stroga in Adams Morgan is pushing an annual membership for $1,099 and class packs that you can wait to activate (so you have extra time to use them). Just remember to buy what you want, of course, by Sept. 30.

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