An unusual ribbon-cutting is slated for today. The “ribbon” will be ivy, and Arlington Public Library’s Central Library is unveiling a collection of garden tools (at least 36) that residents can check out. You can also borrow-not-buy from banished? productions, a theater company with a 127-item tool library in D.C.’s Brookland neighborhood.

banished? productions’
ARTillery Tool Library
716 Monroe St. NE, Studio 27banished
Arlington Public Library’s
Garden Tool Lending Library
1015 N. Quincy St., Arlington
“This was banished? production’s first space and we wanted to have some community programs that fit our mission, which is art and making stuff,” says banished? co-founder Niell DuVal. “I heard about tool libraries in some West Coast cities and fell in love with the concept.” Inspiration The idea came from Arlington County’s Urban Agriculture Task Force. “Garden and urban agriculture programming has really taken off in Arlington,” says library spokesman Peter Golkin. “It’s really a natural thing for the county.”
banished?’s collection, donations and occasional purchases. Source of tools
Donations from individuals, Home Depot and Friends of the Arlington Library.
Air compressor, belt sander, heat gun, soldering iron, table saw Examples Rakes, hoses, pruning lopper, bulb planter, post hole digger
Hiroshi Jacobs, an architecture professor and installation artist, designed the structure to fit inside banished?’s studio space. DuVal and a handful of volunteers built it. Origin of shed The library ordered a shed, and local business Case Design/Remodeling pitched in to build it.
There’s a membership fee of $100 and nine volunteer hours a year. Artists can opt to pay $50 and do 18 volunteer hours. How to get access You must be an Arlington resident age 18 or older, and have a library card.

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