Taylor Firth has been a cowgirl, an archer and now a princess — an impressive résumé for anyone. And she’s done it all on razor-thin blades. In her five years with “Disney on Ice,” Firth has played Jessie from the “Toy Story” movies and Merida from “Brave,” and now she gets to bring one of the most popular princesses in history to life as Anna in “Disney on Ice Presents Frozen.” She’s joined by Queen Elsa and her ice-controlling powers at the Patriot Center this week.

How much preparation does it take to become Anna?
We had six weeks of rehearsals on the ice. I took extra little bits of character training learning how to be Anna. It’s really important for Disney to keep their characters from the movie very similar to what you’ll see, so there was quite a bit of extra training to become a princess.

What kind of character training?
It’s a lot about her character: how she would hold her hands, how she talks, her body language. My favorite little trivia is that Anna throws with her left hand; there’s a scene where Kristoff [Jono Partridge] and Anna are fighting off the snowman, so I had to learn to throw left-handed.

Is there a moment in the show that’s particularly special?
My favorite number to perform is the duet “Love Is an Open Door.” It’s adorable, it’s fun, it’s silly — it’s a great song and [Adam Loosley, as Prince Hans] and I enjoy performing it together. My favorite moment to watch is “Let It Go.” [Rebecca Bereswill] really does bring Elsa to life in a wonderful way, from the tips of her fingers to the tips of her toes.

Can you see the kids’ reactions during the show?
Absolutely. I can see quite far up. I can see little kids waving, and I try to wave back. I see a lot of little Elsas and Annas. And quite a few Olafs, too.

Don’t know the plot?

Find a child between 2 and 10 years old. Ask him or her to tell you what happens in “Frozen.” Get comfortable; you’ll be there awhile.

Patriot Center, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax; through Monday, various times, $20-$82.

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