Stop freaking out about Ebola! You’re much more likely to get the flu. But don’t feel like you have to self-quarantine just because everyone else is wandering around with the sniffles. Arm yourself with this stuff instead.

The No Touch Pen ($14.99)
Potomac neighbors Christy Chang and Amy Pepper heard that touch screens can be really germy. To check, they swabbed some of the ones they interacted with regularly — at grocery stores, ATMs, Metro stations. Their findings? A whole lot of E. coli. “You’re touching people’s poop all day,” Chang says. The duo is anti-hand sanitizer: It dries out their skin, making them more susceptible to infection. The solution, they realized, was to invent a product. Its three tips can be used in place of a finger, a traditional pen and a resistive stylus (what you use to sign for UPS packages). It’s antimicrobial, and attaches to a key chain or phone. Buy it online ( or at Circle Wine & Spirits in Chevy Chase. Chang and Pepper are developing more products.

Tutem Mask ($8)
Donning a surgical mask outside of a hospital is a sure way to get stares. So you might as well look fashionable. This line comes in quirky patterns — our fave is “mask transit,” which features buses, trains and planes. They come in two-packs, along with two wipes.

Braun No Touch + forehead thermometer ($59.99)
A key Ebola question: Is there a thermometer I can just aim at someone to get a reading? This gizmo does the trick (and shows results on a color-coded screen) as long as you’re in the right spot and within 5 centimeters.

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