“Interstellar,” out Friday, is about what will happen when we irrevocably screw up the planet and must depend on Matthew McConaughey to find us another planet to irrevocably screw up. After all, sometimes earthlings just have to move on.

“After Earth”

A man and his son return to Earth after humanity fled a millennium ago. They find little evidence that humans ever existed, proving that disposable diapers DO eventually decompose. Take that, environmentalists!

“Titan A.E.”

In this 2000 animated film, humans split after being attacked by aliens and now live in space colonies, trying to coexist with various extraterrestrials. Which is difficult, because some of them (and some of us) are jerks.


Driven from Earth by giant mounds of garbage, humans flee to comfy spaceships that are like an eternal cruise, with no work and lots of activities and endless refills of soda and chairs that move you around. Which sounds wonderful. Bad! Which sounds bad. Yeah.


Trying to rectify the greatest TV crime in history (the cancellation of “Firefly”), the ship Serenity buzzes through space, armed with optimism, grit and the witty banter only Joss Whedon can deliver.


Only the rich get to run to a luxurious space station in this 2013 sci-fi film; the poor are stuck on a sucky Earth. Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps is especially hard when you have to pull yourself up TO SPACE.

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