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&pizza, D.C. Pizza and Custom Fuel: Which is the fastest of them all?

Last week brought great news for impatient pizza lovers. DC Pizza — a quick-serve restaurant whose conveyor belt-like oven cooks pies in two minutes and 15 seconds— opened Thursday. And Ruth Gresser, owner of the local Pizzeria Paradiso chain, announced plans to open a fast-casual spinoff named Veloce in March 2015.

These newbies join &pizza and Custom Fuel, local chains that also aim to get you pizza lickety-split. We went undercover to see which could get a pie in our hands the quickest. To avoid the lunch rush, we visited each spot between 3 and 4 p.m.; we ordered the most basic pie to keep things simple; and the speed reflects the amount of time it took from the moment we placed our order to the pizza’s completion. Quality aside, here’s which pizza prep was fastest.

DC Pizza
Backstory: Owners Bob Daly and Lisa Lakin launched this pizzeria in September, but held a grand opening last week so they could work out any kinks.
Location of test: 1103 19th St. NW
Price, with tax: $7.14

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