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Adroit Theory in Purcellville, Va., to serve stuffing-flavored beers for Thanksgiving

Adroit Theory Brewing Company’s craft brews draw a diverse crowd to its off-the-beaten-path warehouse. (Jason Hornick/For Express)
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When Dan Segall’s 4½-year-old son drew him a picture of potato chips and peanut butter, he did what any awesome dad would do: He used it as inspiration to create a beer flavor.

Segall is the manager of Adroit Theory Brewing Company, a devil-may-care nano-brewery and tasting room in Purcellville, Va., that specializes in small-batch brews in head-scratching flavors. Previous hits include Thai noodle soup (made with Sriracha, lemon grass and ginger) and bloody mary (made with tomatoes, celery salt and horseradish).

The operation is housed in a nondescript warehouse in an industrial park, and you’d never know such a treasure existed. But inside, the room is always packed with visitors who range from kids in pigtails to aging punks with gauged ears.

Founded in January by former government contractor Mark Osborne, Adroit Theory eschews traditional brews in favor of experimental drafts available in limited quantities that once they’re gone, they’re gone. In just 10 months, the brewery has made more than 140 distinct beers.

“I don’t think the traditional model is bad, where people have a go-to beer and they know what it will taste like,” Osborne says. “But I wanted to push the envelope and do things people would want to try.”

Adroit Theory’s beers are sold exclusively at the tasting room in Purcellville or through the Black Heart Society, its private membership club that ships anywhere in Virginia. But earlier this month, Osborne’s wife, Nina, started a distribution company that will circulate beers to local liquor stores and restaurants in Loudoun County.

In the meantime, here are three reasons to make the hourlong drive from D.C. to Purcellville: Adroit Theory is about to debut a cranberry saison, a stuffing stout and a sweet potato casserole porter in celebration of Thanksgiving.

“I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome if all people needed to do was bring in their own turkey or a leftover Thanksgiving sandwich the next day and enjoy,” says head brewer Greg Skotzko.

Most of the flavor magic happens inside the mash tun, where grains steep and create sugar. For these beers, Skotzko adds dried cranberries and lemon zest; packs of stuffing mix; or roasted sweet potatoes mixed with brown sugar and molasses.

The drafts will be available starting next Wednesday (the tasting room will be closed on Thanksgiving). There are only two kegs of each brew, or about 320 glasses, so aim to get there by Saturday, the day Osborne predicts they’ll sell out. If you miss them, may we recommend the potato chip and peanut butter brew?

404 Browning Court, Unit C; 703-722-3144,

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