In “Foxcatcher,” out Friday, Channing Tatum plays Olympian Mark Schultz, a wrestler who goes shirtless a lot. That means Tatum, who goes shirtless in “Foxcatcher,” joins the team of world-class athletes in film — most of whom keep their shirts on, unlike Channing Tatum in “Foxcatcher.”

Doug Dorsey and Kate Moseley
D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly play figure skaters in a love-hate relationship in 1992’s “The Cutting Edge.” The movie ends before we learn if they medal, but if they don’t we blame the Russian judge.

1980 U.S. hockey team
“Miracle” came out 24 years after the Miracle on Ice, which means everyone already knew what happened. That doesn’t matter, though. Because AMERICA. USA! USA! USA!

2004 U.S. wheelchair rugby team
In “Murderball,” a doc that follows the team as it competes in the Paralympics in Athens, you learn that just because someone is in a wheelchair doesn’t mean he can’t kick your ass.

Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy
Two male figure skaters (Will Ferrell and Jon Heder) team up for pairs competition when they’re barred from singles skating in “Blades of Glory.” The spandex budget for this movie was in the millions.

Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams
Two real-life British runners who competed in the 1924 Olympics were portrayed in “Chariots of Fire.” They learned the value of competition, friendship and running in slow motion on a beach.