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Hacking Cava Grill: How to order nachos

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Cava Grill — the local build-your-own Greek restaurant — opened locations in Bethesda and Gaithersburg, Md., last week. The menus are nothing new, but chef Dimitri Moshovitis recently showed us how he prefers one secret dish, available at all Cava Grill locales: the nachos.

Step 1: Pita crisps served over a smear of tzatziki

Step 2: Shredded lamb, braised for hours with a mix of garlic, turmeric, cayenne and coriander

Step 3: Pickled banana peppers, made exclusively for Cava Grill by local producer Gordy’s Pickle Jar

Step 4: Feta cheese, tomato and onion salad, pickled onion and cabbage slaw

Step 5: Harissa, a slightly spicy sauce made from tomatoes and peppers

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