Metro already let us know what it wants for Christmas: extra money from the eight local jurisdictions that help fund its operating budget. If Santa doesn’t come through with that higher subsidy, riders can expect fewer trains and more crowding. Doesn’t sound like we’re heading into such a happy New Year, does it? So you might want to improve a pal’s commute with one of these gifts.

(City Seat)

City Seat
Weirded out by hopping on a saddle recently occupied by someone else’s sweaty crotch? Not when you’ve got one of these waterproof covers in colorful designs (that’s “Spokes,” pictured). The company created the product for New York’s Citi Bike, but it also conveniently fits Capital Bikeshare bicycles, as well as any gym’s indoor bikes.


Ogio Commuter
In a traditional backpack, the stuff settles at the bottom. That results in users smacking that stuff into other people whenever they move in a cramped space, like, say, the Metro. This pack, however, boasts a longer design that allows it to stay skinny. There’s also a built-in, water-resistant laptop sleeve and pockets for an iPad and iPad mini.


Wearhaus Arc
So many Metro riders love sharing their music with the passengers around them. If only they all did it using these cool headphones, available for pre-order through Kickstarter (the campaign goes another week). The technology allows you to broadcast whatever you’re listening to — but only to people wearing another set. Expected delivery: January.

(Fencing & Archery)

Westeros Transit Map
Yes, there is a Silver Line in the imaginary transit system of Westeros. And like the one here, the “Game of Thrones” version also takes riders practically to the end of the known universe. Find other similarities by staring at this poster! Although it looks a bit tricky to switch lines, this project seems worthy of funding from King’s Landing.


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